Everywhere & Every Device, Your Site Should Flow Seamlessly.

You need it in.
The perfect cocktail should still look and taste.
I feel the same way.
From camera to desk, your site should look and function seamlessly.


It’s all about the User Experience.

The reason you go to your favorite club is not because of the low prices or convenient location; you go there because the overall experience.
I create that same approach with the apps and websites. I focus on overall usability, ease of use, and interaction between the user and product. The result is social interaction and sales.


Your Brand Identity Should Be Stamped On All You Do.

Branding is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any business. It tells customers who you are distinguishes you from your competitors.
I’m strategically pouring your identity into the final product!
I’ll do my best!


Hi, I’m Roberto Bernardini. 28 year old. Brand designer and web designer based in Umbria, center of Italy. Study in Bologna in Accademia Di Belle Arti.
I’m in the war against the default gray and I love the clean and impressive design.
My goal is to be a good designer as I can. Love Logo design and branding!
I always try to keep my personal taste out of my job to give to my client a design that is not necessarily beautiful but definitely appropriate!
I will be your reliable and trustworthy designer!

What are I bad at

In the future, I’d like to improve my vector illustration and flat animation skills.
The user experience and the experience of the interface are fields that I train to improve every day.
I would like to make more complex logo designs. I know almost nothing about photography or filmography. Oh, and I’m sorry for copywriting, both in Italian and in English, but I’m already working on it.
Are you ready for my made in italy design?

I realized my dream

I can consider myself a satisfied designer, I have already realized my dream!
I work with clients from all over the world, in the quiet of my office in Italy.
This allows me to work peacefully and without pressure, to guarantee my customers an optimal result!
I work with European, American and sometimes Asian clients; this variety of clientele has led me to have an open mind to so many different situations!
Do you have a killer project that needs a kick start?